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Monday, August 28, 2017

Wilderness Living

During September and into October, here at Mount Hebron Presbyterian Church, we are pursuing a series of sermons on the theme “Wilderness Living.” This has nothing to do with Lewis and Clarke exploring the Wild West, but rather the journey that Moses led the Hebrew people on as they began an exodus from Egypt and made their way towards their promised land.

The times in which we are living can sometimes seem to be like a wilderness! We can be unsure whose voice to trust and which is the best advice to take. This was a struggle that those earliest Hebrews also faced. There were many voices that competed for their attention. Yet, always, the One they really needed to hear, was the voice of God that offered direction and promised to lead them to a better place.

Last Sunday we were considering the unusual circumstances of the birth of Moses. (Sermon can be found here.) Around him at the time of his birth, were a group of seemingly insignificant ladies. Two midwives called 'Shiprah' and Puah', a bold elder sister called Miriam and a mother called Jochabed, who didn't give up on hope (even as she watched her baby floating downstream in a basket!) Because of their faithful actions, the destiny of Moses was not be a victim of infanticide, but rather to be raised as a prince in Egypt.

This coming week we'll be looking at the experience Moses had of a burning bush (that didn't really burn.) The story is in Exodus 3:1-15. As Moses stood on holy ground he was confronted with a powerful message that convinced him that his life on this earth had a higher purpose and meaning than he could ever have imagined.

Knowing that God calls each of us by name and has a purpose for each of our lives can help us move through wilderness times we face in our personal journeys. Wilderness times come in many forms. Sickness. Bereavement. Loss. Tragedy. Suffering. Our life circumstances can change in an instant and things we thought would last for ever have a habit of not being eternal after all.

God promises to walk with us through the wilderness times. It can be hard to discern God's voice among all the others, yet we do have the testimony of Scripture to guide us. We have the example of Jesus Christ to inspire us and the power of God's Holy Spirit to empower us. Through prayer and worship of God... we can make it through.

Such are some of the lessons we hope to discover as we travel through our series on “Wilderness Living.” Let's face it... we need all the help we can get for the living of these days!

For some music... a Holy Ground medley!

Rev. Adrian J. Pratt B.D.