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Monday, July 30, 2018



Beginning Monday August 6 Mount Hebron Presbyterian Church hosts their annual Vacation Bible School. The theme this year is “Shipwrecked” and the curriculum looks at the many ways that Jesus rescues us from the troubles of our lives. VBS is always an exciting week, that brings us together as a church and reaches many in our community.

The theme song for this year declares 'Through every storm of life, I know You're by my side, so I'm holding on to Your promises. You are the God who holds my future, all my dreams, so I am holding on. You never let go of me!” These are encouraging words for both participants and leaders. We never know exactly what life is going to bring our way, but we can know that God can be trusted to guide us and lead us.

Last week during our worship service we were thinking about thankfulness. Our sermon “5000 Thankful Folk” can be found here. On August 5, before VBS week starts, we will be gathering around a table laid with bread and wine and thinking about a passage from John 6:27-35. In this passage Jesus reminds the crowds of the miracle their ancestors had witnessed in the wilderness, when God provided for their hunger and manna came down from heaven.

The crowds are anxious for some new miracle to be performed before their eyes, but Jesus is telling them that miracles were all around them, if only they could open their eyes and see them. The greatest miracle of them all, that of Jesus Himself, was right in their midst, but they seemed unable to comprehend that He truly was the answer to their searching.

Last week some of our youth attended the Trinity Youth Conference at Camp Living Waters in Pennsylvania. From speaking with them, I know that every day they were there, they experienced God's blessings through the staff and through interaction with their peers. It's always an amazing week where the presence of God seems to break through in unexpected ways.

My prayer for all our gatherings of worship, and for our VBS program, is that we will be very aware of God's presence in our midst. That this discovery will enable us to be more awake to the every day possibilities that God opens up to us.

For sure we have those times when we feel 'all at sea', or even feel totally shipwrecked. There are times when we feel we can't be of much help, but that we need to be helped ourselves. At precisely such times we are reminded that the mission of God, through the love of Jesus and the presence of good people around us, is to rescue us and help us through.

Wherever the coming days find us I pray we will try and remain open to the possibility of every day miracles. For some music, our VBS theme song written by Jay Stocker and titled, “Never Let Go Of Me.”

The Reverend Adrian J Pratt B.D.

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