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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Bread of Life


As I write this our Vacation Bible School program “Shipwrecked” is in full swing. The mornings have been filled with songs, games, activities and a host of lively children and attentive leaders. My thanks go to each and everyone of them.

Last Sunday, during worship ,we were thinking about “Every Day Miracles.” Feels like we are witnessing many during our week of VBS. (Our sermon can be found here). This coming Sunday, August 12, we will be looking at John 6:35,41-51, a passage where Jesus speaks of Himself as being “The Bread of Life.”

As the activity of the week has rolled by, we have been aware of our need for food to fuel our activity. The energy level soon drops if we sense a need to eat! Thank goodness snacks are a part of the morning VBS routine, so our needs have been well catered for.

Bread is such a staple of our diets. It has been that way for many, many years. Bread makes up a significant part of the daily diet of people around the world. Every culture seems to have their own unique take on bread: baguettes, pitas, naan, challah, matzo, tortillas, biscuits, focaccia…even mass-produced, pre-sliced, American white bread lining the grocery store shelves in branded cellophane.

Bread symbolizes our need of sustenance, and features regularly in Scripture. The Israelites in Egypt, were instructed to bake their bread without yeast at the Passover when God saved them from slavery. God provides them manna—bread from heaven—as they wander through the wilderness Bread demonstrates God’s love and care for people: God knows what we need, and God provides for us.

Jesus uses bread in His teachings, parables, and miracles. When tempted by the Devil to turn stones into food, Jesus responded by quoting scripture: “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

We are familiar with the phrase in His model prayer... “Give us this day our daily bread.” We were thinking a few Sundays ago about how Jesus broke bread and provided enough for 5,000 hungry folk to be satisfied.

In this weeks passage Jesus refers to Himself as bread; “I am the Bread of Life.” Jesus—God in human flesh—knows our physical and spiritual hungering. Jesus knows that we need bread for sustenance: He is our Daily Bread, the Bread from Heaven.

When we are hungry, bread satisfies. God provided bread for God's people throughout their history, supplying for them in their need and when they could not provide for themselves. At the last supper, Jesus speaks to His disciples “This is my body…take and eat.” We are encouraged to feast our lives on the love God provides.

It's been a busy week here at Mount Hebron Presbyterian. God has provided everything we needed and there has been a sense of satisfaction in what we have achieved. That's how it is when we trust God to lead us and guide us! May we continue to grow in the knowledge of our wonderful God, who sustains us and feeds us for the adventures of God's kingdom. That way, spiritual life never becomes stale!

For some music Steve Angrisano sings “Bread of Life”

The Reverend Adrian J Pratt B.D.

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