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Monday, January 6, 2020

The New Year

Yikes! It’s 2020 already. The years just seem to zoom on by. In church yesterday we talked about Epiphany Stars and reflected on how the grace of God had enabled us to get through another year! We shared bread and wine and sought spiritual nourishment for the journey ahead. This coming Sunday is "Baptism of the Lord Sunday" and we will take a look at Matthew 3:13-17. Our sermon will be posing the question "What are You Doing Here?"

While we can make some inspired guesses at what a New Year may bring, the truth is that it remains a blank page. There’s most likely going to be some great things and some nasty stuff that gets written on the pages. That’s usually what happens.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth setting ourselves some goals for the coming days. I’d say “Making resolutions” but somehow “Goals” feels like a less demanding concept.

See… I was never a very good soccer player. I could mis-kick a ball in more ways than I knew how to do it properly. If I ever got near to scoring the adrenaline would kick in and I’d end up hitting the ball with way too much enthusiasm or just completely missing altogether. I was never offended when folk didn’t choose me to be on their team. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on my team!

But the thing is… goals are things you keep pursuing and working at. Resolutions, well you either keep them or break them. Goals, you can keep on trying!

So forget the resolutions and set yourself some goals. They don’t have to be anything super-impressive or mega-spiritual. Things like “A little less TV and a little more exercise”, “Occasionally eating out less and putting the money aside to help the local food pantry”, “Cut back on social media use so I can be more present for my family”, ‘Sign up for something at church that I haven’t done before… just to give it a try”, “A little less hurry and a whole lot less worry.”

It often seems that lasting changes in our life come through little steps. Enjoy this video of New Year advice from numerous sources.

Prayer: ‘Lord, help us to set ourselves some attainable goals for 2020. Guide us to the best use of our time, talents and treasures. Whatever the year brings our way, help us to allow Your love and hope to be a part of it. Amen.

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