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Monday, January 27, 2020

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

This past Sunday here at Mount Hebron Presbyterian Church we reflected on Matthew 4:12-23 and the theme of where our lives may be heading. Our sermon from the day can be found here.

One of the problems in seeking direction is that we are often just too caught up in the journey to stop and ask. Commitments on our time impede from all directions. Work, family, traveling in between appointments, meeting deadlines… our schedules are not our best friend!

It is sometimes only when we are forced to stop traveling on this crazy train we are riding that we find the time to ask where the train may be heading. Various unplanned interruptions come our way.

Times of illness, weather related cancellations, simply getting caught in the traffic, can all create a space where we suddenly become reflective and ask; “Just where is my life going?”

In a society that rejects the idea of “Sabbath” such momentary pauses can be our “Little Sabbaths.” They can become a special time to take stock and evaluate the journey. A space to ask where the direction of God and the things of God’s Kingdom fit into the bigger picture of our lives.

The interruptions can turn out to be far more significant than the scheduled things. If we make the most of such moments they can be revolutionary. At least that's how it seemed to work out in the lives of the earliest disciples!

For some music, an oldie... but a classic. A joyful rendition of “I will follow Him” from the movie “Sister Act.”

Lord Jesus Christ, we hear Your call to follow You. We confess we often do so without truly thinking it through. We get caught up in the everyday madness. Direct us and lead us. Show us where changes need to be made and grant us the strength of Your Holy Spirit to make them! Amen.

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